About Rainbow Hardware

We are fasteners specialist that produce customized and specialized fasteners.

About us

  • Year Established:  1980   
  • Location:  TAIWAN  
  • Business Type:  OEM and ODM Manufacturing Services Provider / Distributor / Exporter
  • Speciality Products: Precision fasteners, customized screws and nuts. 

Rainbow Hardware Co., Ltd. is established since 1980 by Ms. Jenny Tsao, the President of the company.  We are fasteners specialist that produce customized and specialized fasteners. 

Our diversified product portfolio includes all kinds of screws, nuts, rivets, anchors and clips. Most importantly, we deliver full integrated manufacturing services and solutions for all your business needs in fasteners and hardware parts.  

Rainbow Hardware upholds the quality first and service-oriented business philosophy. We can provide a complete portfolio of customized products, integrating all the different manufacturing process; cold forging, lathe, CNC lathe, machining and stamping presses productions. Including are other secondary-processing services, such as grinding, polishing, drilling and tapping, heat treating, plating and so on!

"RAINBOW" is selected as our English company name because this name is a homophone of our Chinese company name; (luo-bao), which consist of two Chinese characters, meaning “Hardware Treasure” or “Precious Fasteners”. 

Taiwan is well-renowned for its status as Fasteners Kingdom. Our competitive strengths are;

  • Over 35 years of fasteners and other hardware customized parts manufacturing expertises and experiences
  • Industry's world-renowned cold-forging, heat treatment technology and equipment manufacturing capability
  • Effective management response capabilities
  • World-class quality 
  • Accuracy delivery service.  
  • Industrial clusters of SMEs that are resilient and flexible supply chains and production lines.  

We are one of Taiwan's top leading supplier of fasteners and precision component parts. Over the years, Rainbow Hardware has developed business strategies to deliver, “Specialized Expertise, Flexibility, Sustainability and Sincerity.” 

Rainbow Hardware has consistently excelled at what we do best. We have earned recognitions and consistent customer satisfaction over the years. Our key customers spread across different industries including; aircraft, automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, medical appliances, DIY hand tools, glasses, cell phones, robotics, furniture, construction and other emerging industries.

In recent years, we are involved in the industrial upgrading and transformation of our business products, including motor vehicles, wind, rail, new energy and aerospace, dental bone and other medical material. We continue to seek for continuous improvements and upgrading of traditional industries, to enhance the efficiency of value-added products.

Our major export markets include the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, India and Southeast Asian countries.

Mission Statement: 

Taiwan's leading fasteners supplier with world-wide distribution; we deliver the most cost-effective and reliable fastener solution services to our customers.

Our Values and Beliefs: 

  • Specialized expertise
  • Excellent high-quality products
  • Sustainable development
  • Complete solution to meet customer’s needs
  • Most competitive prices
  • High flexibility
  • 100% Meet production lead time and delivery 
  • Continuous Improvements of Quality and Stability

Please email us your product inquiry and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to be your Number 1 fastener supplier and a trusted business partner!!