News of Rainbow Hardware

We are fasteners specialist that produce customized and specialized fasteners.

TOP 3 Reasons to Partner with RB Taiwan

1. Exclusive, Dynamic and Well-Developed Fastener Clusters

Taiwan ranks 1st out of 144 economies around the world in terms of the "state of cluster development" (WEF Global Competiveness Report) 

In fact, Taiwan is the cornerstone of the global industry with six decades of experience, raw material suppliers (annealing and stainless steel wire, rod), fastener producers (molding, heat processing, and surface processing) and marketing networks.  

2. Broad Spectrum of Fastener Products 

Taiwan fastener manufacturers partner with Rainbow Hardware , capable to produce a broad spectrum of products; Ranging from fundamental standards to high-end, spanning nuts, bolts and screws for ICT, medical care, construction, transportation, automobiles, aerospace, general machinery and precision instruments. 

Rainbow Hardware 's Top Key Assets:  World-acclaimed accuracy in quality, prestigious, customized-order service and after-sale service. 

Proven capacity for supplying custom-specified fastener products to the automobile, 3C technology, aerospace and medical industries. 

3. Innovation for Higher Value

Taiwan's key fastener players have formed the high-end fastener products R&D Alliance with Taiwan Goverment support to greatly boost capacity for meeting the demands in the high-end market.  Featured development items include; Chrome-free, eco-friendly surface treatment technology, rapid die change technology for large-sized fasteners and new alloys for use in bolts on large wind-powered generaters, to name just a few projects.