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We are fasteners specialist that produce customized and specialized fasteners.

Rainbow Hardware Awarded D&B DUNS Registered Business Certification

Rainbow Hardware Company has recently registered and recognised with " D&B Duns enterprise certification "



Dun & Bradstreet certification benefits: 

" D & B Business Certification " 

Not only can enhance international buyers and enterprises the transaction confidence and improve corporate website global visibility.

This will bring endless opportunities. Enables global businesses for our company.

Business information , without paying additional manpower and budget or advertisements, can greatly increase exposure and trading opportunities.

With D & B business certification rendered on the page, by DUNS into the global supply chain , allowing international companies and overseas buyers to quickly find our company , but also can shorten the purchaser to investigate our company.

Registration required to accelerate the pace of transactions , so the company can demonstrate the credibility.

This will definitely increase customer confidence to buy from us . And through D & B 's business enterprise certification , D & B will send all.

Certificate corporate entities to send certified members , this certificate can be used to directly enhance the potential exhibitors to buy.

Home trading confidence . So we can stand out from other competitors.

We are also included D&B business registration in our vCard e-mail signature , customers or partners through.

Click to view immediately verified by D & B certified enterprise messaging , faster receipt of buyers reply to shorten supplier survey audit time.

This increase the probability of successful negotiations to promote order . With D & B showcase our international brand as an international standard Taiwanese suppliers .