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Flange Bolts

flange  bolt differs from the common bolt in that it has a wider surface area under the head to provide for an even distribution of clamping pressure. This wider surface acts like a washer, eliminating the need to combine one with this kind of bolt.

Specially designed flange bolts are equipped with anti-rotational “teeth” designed to “bite” or dig into the material one might need to fasten together.

An essential addition to the flange bolt is the flange nut. While it is similar to an ordinary nut, one side of the flange nut is wider than the other to ensure even pressure distribution. The flange nut and flange bolt work well together, and in some cases may reduce costs by eliminating the need for purchasing separate washers. Proper torque on a flange bolt-nut combination will ensure that the fasteners never become loose by themselves. Only an outside force, such as a mechanic, can loosen these types of flange bolts.

ASME/ANSI B16.5provides

  • weld neck
  • slip-on
  • socket weld
  • threaded
  • lap joint
  • blind

For most applications on the automobile, mild steel is the metal of choice for the flange bolt. This type of bolt allows for sufficient torque and will endure several tightening cycles that might otherwise fatigue other types of fasteners. Stainless steel fasteners are most commonly used in food-quality machinery and pipelines, as well as caustic areas that might serve to corrode a mild steel fastener in a minimum amount of time. Titanium fasteners are used in aircraft as well as high-performance applications where strength as well as light weight is required of every component.

Some applications of the flange hex bolt require a smaller-sized hexagonal head due to restricted space around the fastener. High-performance exhaust, such as headers, is one such application. The twisting and intertwined tubes of the headers make it difficult to tighten or remove a header bolt. Therefore, this type of flanged bolt uses a smaller hex-type head to allow more room around the fastener for tools.

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