Screws Bolts

We are fasteners specialist that produce customized and specialized fasteners.

Sems Screws

Sems Screws are widely used in machinery and equipment, automotive, electronic products. We produce all kinds of combinations of screws (SEMS) specification, JIS, DIN, ISO, IFI etc.  

The combination of the washer range includes flat washers, spring washers, square done washer, internal/ external tooth washers, square washers, special square washer, conical spring washer. 

We also welcome customer provide their own OEM (Original Design Manufacturing) customized items and we can custom-made for the customer. 

SEMS SCREWS with Single Washer, Double Washer, Square Washer and Special Washer.

Screw Material:  1006C, 1018C, 1022C, 1021B, 1035C, SCM435, SUS302, SUS410, SUS430, C2700etc.

Washer Material: SUS304, Phosphor Bronze, Bronze, Copper, 08C, 10C, 50C, 70C, 80C

Electroplating:  Black Zinc, Zinc yellow, Black Nickel, Green Zinc, Gold, Nickel, Bronze, Copper, Zinc, Trivalue Zinc, Black Oxide, Trivalue Black Zinc, Trivalue White Zinc, Trivalue Zinc yellow

Drivers Types: Phillips, Slotted, Phillips / Slotted, Hexagon, Six-Lobe, Six-Lobe Tamper, Six-Lobe / Slotted, Square, Pozidriv, Pozidriv / Slotted, Hex head